Our young audiences in the hospitals enjoy an Only Make Believe show every week over a six-week period. Each week, three OMB actors arrive with a trunk full of colorful costumes for the children and perform a fun-filled interactive play.

Our original, interactive scripts have each been written to ensure every child has the chance to be the star of the show!


Day 1: We Believe in Make Believe

During the first week we explore all the elements of theatre and introduce the tools necessary to create the magic of theater through make-believe. We use costumes, props, music, and mime inspiring the kids to create their own theatrical vignettes.

Briar Rose

The Story of bratty Briar Rose begins on her 12th Birthday. Thanks to the help of the young princes and princesses of the royal court, played by the kids, Briar Rose learns the attributes of graciousness, patience and generosity.


Trumpet Fish contacts Eco-babe in an urgent plea for help. It seems that the dastardly B.B. (Big Business) has decided to build an underwater mall in Mermaid Sea. The kids join Eco-babe and Trumpet Fish underwater in an attempt to save the sea and get BB back on dry land.


Lollipop & Lode, both expert Video game players, apply for chance to go to the World Wide Video Game competition in Vegas. Can they beat all the levels of Mr. T’s game in order to land the job? With the help of the kids, Lollipop and Lode play the strangest, the silliest, and the yuckiest video game ever made.

Here You Go, Romeo

It's only hours 'till show time and Romeo the Lion, lead singer for the hit band "Romeo & the Romantics" has lost his roar! Will a trip to the A&P Store that sells grunts, squeals, and the occasional roar be the solution to his problem? Or will the sold-out concert have to be canceled?!

Hocus Pocus

We arrive at Coconut Island to find the sassy sorceress Hocus Pocus tempting Socrates to pick the purple coconut. Once picked, Socrates is granted three wishes and discovers that there is much more to life than growing up quickly, winning every game, and being famous.


High school senior, Jet Martin, star of the basketball team & most popular kid in school, finds himself in need of help from some unlikely sources after an ankle injury, sustained while partying with friends, jeopardizes his chances at winning the free-throw competition’s hefty cash prize, prize money he was counting on to pay for his first year of college.

Magic In the Museum

Sammy Lawrence is accidentally separated from his 6th grade class during a scavenger hunt in an enormous fine arts museum. With the help of a little magic - and from some of the world’s most iconic works of art - Sammy finds himself on an unexpected adventure to solve the next clue and (hopefully!) reunite with his classmates.

Rick Spacey

The Great Frump has lost the key to the gold frump storage room somewhere out in space! No key means no one gets paid. Enter: Rick Spacey, Space Detective. With lessons from Rick about how to be a space detective, the kids and Rick lead the search for the lost key.

Robin of the Hood

Robin Hood is IT. Really! He’s the best I.T. guy in the kingdom fixing computers for free much to the chagrin of the mean Sheriff of Brooklyn. Meanwhile, Princess Marion, secretly an excellent athlete, wants nothing more than to participate in the kingdom's upcoming archery tournament but her uncle, the Sheriff, insists it's only for boys - and hopes will serve as the trap that finally allows him to capture Robin Hood once and for all….

Sherlock in Wonderland

In this jumble of a tale, the famous Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are on a mission to find a little girl with blonde hair in a blue dress named Alice, but SHH! don't say her name too loudly or you will anger and wake the Queen of Hearts! The kids bring their detective skills out in this clever and enchanting tale.

Tuff DumE

The self-proclaimed “King” of rap Tuff DumE develops an overactive ego and dumps his partner Rival Twin Cheeks from their recording duo. Rival and girlfriend Petal involve the kids in a plan to teach Tuff DumE a lesson by offering him a slice of humble pie at the Hip-Hop Fashion awards.

Wonderboy Mickey, Circus Star

Mickey’s desire to join the circus leads him and his school chums to Mr. Ringo’s Big Banana Circus. When Mickey is chosen to walk the tightrope he turns to his schoolmates to help him overcome his fear and become Wonderboy Mickey, Circus Star!

Day 6: The Finale

During our final week the kids help recreate all the shows they’ve seen and play the starring roles. Children also receive a special Certificate of Appreciation for their participation in Only Make Believe.