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Our mission is very simple, to give joy and inspiration to as many sick children as we can. Our unique way of doing this is to bring professional actors into the hospital wards to entertain the children with specially created plays designed for their needs and to encourage their participation. We send teams of actors for six consecutive weeks with six different shows so the kids can get to know our actors and our actors get to know and love the kids.

The plays are performed against a simple backdrop with a trunk filled with costumes and props used by both actors and children. The painted trunks, all different and all painted by our wonderful volunteers stay in the hospitals as a permanent gift to be enjoyed long after the actors have finished their performances.

We started performing our interactive shows in one hospital in 1999, and now, thanks to your support we’re in more than 60 hospitals in New York City and Washington D.C.

Please take a moment to scroll through our website and get to know our organization’s dedicated staff and actors and discover the joy of encouraging children to use their imaginations.

Thank you!

Dena Hammerstein


Children Served in N.Y.
in 2018


Children Served in D.C.
in 2018