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Host YOUR OWN volunteer event!

Do you have a group of friends, students, parishinors or colleagues who are creative and want to give back but need some guidance?

To each performance, we bring a trunk full of handmade costumes for our OMB kids to wear as part of each show and rely on creative volunteers to make those costume pieces. We invite you to host your very own OMB Costume Collective! Below are all the materials, steps, tricks and tips to get you started - when you're done, just send us the finished products and we will put them to immediate use in the field where your creations will bring joy to children in hospitals and care facilities. For more information about hosting your own Costume Collective, email Cary Simpson at today!


STEP 1: Gather a group

To make beautiful hats and "bling" (AKA necklaces) for OMB kids, gather a group and make an afternoon of it! Girl Scout troops, church groups, Mitzvah projects, K-12 students, not-for-profit organizations, bachelorette parties and many more all enjoy creating colorful and fun pieces for OMB kids to wear during our interactive theater performances. We suggest groups of under fifty volunteers to keep your costs low, your gathering fun and your creations extra unique. 


STEp 2: order supplies

To make signature OMB hats and bling that are time-tested and field-approved, you'll need the same materials we use in all our costume collectives. Please contact Cary Simpson ( for more information on what supplies make for the best OMB-approved pieces!


step 3: create!

OMB hats and bling take on many characters, from Minions and super heroes to unicorns and tigers! We welcome anything that is child-appropriate, comfortable to wear (no sharp edges!) and made with love.

step 4: send 

Mail or deliver all of your costume creations to OMB Costume Collectives, 121 West 27th Street, Suite #1002, New York, NY 10001.

If you're having creative block, why not make hats and bling that go hand-in-hand with one of our OMB shows? Synopses of each show alongside great ideas for a themed Costume Collective can be found on our Pinterest page. 

Check out our Instagram for more inspiration and examples from past volunteers!