Our young audiences at hospitals, care facilities and special needs schools enjoy an Only Make Believe show every week over a six-week period. Each week, three OMB actors arrive with a trunk full of colorful costumes for the children and perform a fun-filled interactive play.

Our original, interactive scripts have each been written to ensure every child has the chance to be the star of the show

Day 1.png


Only Make Believe is simple,

Only Make Believe is fun,

Only Make Believe's not just for kids,

Only Make Believe's for EVERYONE! 

Costumes, props, sound, and light

Theatrical elements we hope will delight.

So come pick a hat, a gown or a cape

And join us on a magical escape!

Briar Rose.png


Briar Rose is a bit of a brat,

But she’s a Princess in spite of that.

Her daddy, the tired old king,

Wants to please her more than anything.

So for her upcoming birthday he does prepare,

And invites Oregella, Party Hostess Extraordinaire!

How do these characters act out their parts?

Come to the show and see how it starts.

eco babe.png


Eco Babe wants to save the world.

Eco babe wants to save the sea.

Eco babe wants to save the mountains.

Safe for all humanity!

I’m Big Business and I want to overtake the world.

I’m BB and I want to overtake the sea.

I’m BB and I want to overtake the mountains.

Overtake it all for ME, ME, ME!



This video game is the best one yet!

And to the Video Finals you will get!

All our Gamers have got to do

Is test our program one time through.

But it’s not the normal game you think it is;

It’s not your average video quiz.

Some levels look easy and are fun to do;

But others might give you a problem or two.

here u go.png


Romeo, the Lion, has lost his roar.

The Romantics, his band, send him off to the store.

It’s called Anything’s Possible (known as the A & P)

And there you can purchase sounds without any fee.

Romeo is relieved to know

He’ll be able to sing at tomorrow night’s show.

The sounds at the A & P are guaranteed free

But that doesn’t necessarily mean accuracy!

hocus pocus.png


Hocus Pocus is my name.

Granting three wishes is my game.

You picked the purple coconut,

Something your Mama warned you not to do!

So now, young Socrates, how happy are you

When your wishes REALLY do come true?



Jet’s greatest love is basketball, by far

Everyone (except Coach) treats him like a star

The free-throw competition’s hefty prize of cash

Is what Jet’s banking on winning, until at a Friday night bash

Injury strikes and he loses his way

Until an unlikely friend offers to help save the day!



“The sound of my laughter is what makes the snow.”

That’s what the Queen of Iceland wants you to know.

But when she gets a tummy ache,

Iceland instead begins to bake!

For 99 days, not a laugh, not even a grin

And what an unfortunate fix that puts Mayor Frosty in.

He needs help to make her laugh as soon as we can

Because he’s scared he won’t be Mayor Frosty but Mr. Suntan!

magic in the musuem.png


Sammy is lost in a museum that is enormous and vast

Will he ever reunite with his classmates at last?

And wait – is it possible, could it really be true

That the painting over there winked at me and you?

Museums are full of magic, just take the time to see

The stories and adventure that’s there for you and me.

rick spacey.png


The Great Frump has lost his golden key,

That unlocks all the kingdom’s currency!

The citizen want their money;

To them this lost is not that funny.

So, to help save the day

Rick Spacey, Space Detective, is summoned right away!

But will he find this all important golden key

By searching strange planets and distant galaxies?

robin of the hood.png


Let’s introduce you to Robin of the Hood!

The best archer in our neighborhood!

He’s also famous for being an tech wiz;

It doesn’t sound modest, but it is what it is.

The Sheriff of Brooklyn wants Robin in jail;

So he can tax you when you text and email.

Ms Marion is not a girl to be trifled with.

Put this trio together & enjoy this fun-filled myth.



Alice in Wonderland was last seen wearing a pretty blue dress.

Then she got lost and is now in a mess.

Can Sherlock and Watson find her before trouble starts?

Cause you don’t want to anger the Queen of Hearts!

So please be careful; please use your wits

To stop the Queen and her hissy fits.

tuff dume.png


Tuff DumE, the King of Rap, now wants to be the King of Fashion.

And he has enough cash to make this happen.

Rival and girlfriend Petal work out a plan

To design the perfect costume for this conceited man.

This costume turns out to be the talk of the town!

Will it make TuffDumE more famous, or will it bring him down?



Mickey has a dream to walk a tightrope

Without a safety net.

When Ringo brings his circus to town,

Mickey thinks it’s his best chance yet!

But there’s something Mickey doesn’t know;

To find out what, come watch the show!

day 6.png


Thank you Kids, please take a bow!

‘Cause you deserve applause right now!

And it’s time to give away

The certificate that marks our stay.

Now the whole wide world will get to know

That you’re the true stars of the OMB show!