Welcome to Only Make Believe in New York City. Here we take shows beyond The Great White Way and into hospitals and care facilities throughout the New York Metro area bringing theater to children who may not have the opportunity to experience it otherwise.

An OMB program typically consists of six one-hour original interactive plays performed at a partner facility during weekly site visits.  The plays are new adaptations of traditional fairy-tales as well as original contemporary stories with colorful characters that are presented by a troupe of professional actors who are trained and experienced in working with children with disabilities. To each performance, they bring a trunk full of costumes, a backdrop, props and music to set the stage. Every OMB script is designed to include the audience in the storytelling process with physical activities, problem-solving tasks and other forms of group participation.  By taking on the role of a character, the children explore their imagination, engage in critical thinking and expression of emotion. They also sing, dance and play along with characters throughout the narrative.

In New York we have a company of 20 actors, who perform in more than 50 locations in all 5 boroughs, New Jersey, Westchester and Long Island, and we provide our shows free-of-charge to the hospitals and audiences. We are able to do so because of the generosity and support of our sponsors and donors.

Only Make Believe is dedicated to promoting health and wellness and improving the quality of life of chronically ill and disabled children in every hospital in New York City, and we anticipate doing this for many more years to come.

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